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Note that missions are listed in reverse chronological order. Additionally, I plan to keep record of no more than ten missions at a time due to the normal limits imposed by hosts web-wide. Additionally, this restriction may or may not change, depending on possible changes in site traffic.

Image coming soon, never fear! Mission Name: Shakedown Cruise
Date STarted: October 27 2003
Mission Description: Having finally overcome the fetters put into place on their captian by the brutal Starfleet beauracracy in response to his insolence, the intrepid (and newly formed) crew of the good ship Columbia can now leave dock and start running their new ship through her final tests.
Mission Results (so far): I haven't yet announced the change in our status to the crew, so we haven't had a chance to start yet :).
Yes, it's another ship in a drydock, but it's the closest I could come on such short notice Mission Name: Inactive, taking on crew
Date Started: September 09 2003
Date Completed: October 27 2003
Mission Description: The Columbia is ready to go, but she can't fly uncrewed. I need at least four players in the game before the ship's maiden voyage begins.
Mission Results: at long last, Columbia's crew is up to spec, and we are officially deemed 'active!'