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As I am not skilled in the use of forms, JavaScript, or anything else, I'm afraid that you'll have to copy/paste this into a word processor/email program, fill it in, and send it to me at
Please note that I don't require full bios from new applicants; if the position you want has been filled between the last site update and now, I don't want you to have to spend half an hour filling this in only to find out that you've got to change all or most of it. New applicants should ideally look this form over and be thinking of what they're going to fill in on their bio, but all I need from you initially is a charecter name, race, gender, and desired position(s).

Player Info

Name (what you want to be called OOC):
(I need this so that I can keep content appropriate):
Time Zone
(this gives me an idea of when I can contact you via IM, etc):
Email address(es):
YIM contact:
MSN contact:
IRC contact:
ICQ contact:
AIM contact:

Feel free to tell us anything else you'd like to about yourself, but do remember that this WILL be published on the website. Note that I will not post snail mail addresses or phone numbers-if you want us to have those for whatever reason, you're free to contact members personally or publish your own website :).

Character Info

Other Details:
(religion, philosophy, nervous tics. This slot is purely optional)

(be as vague or as detailed as you like in these feilds, but please give me at least something)
Personal History:

Academy Years: (note that NCOs and Warrant Officers haven't gone to either of the Academies; if they had they would be officers. Instead, this feild should cover NCO/WO School)
Post-Academy Years: (your charecter's previous assignments, what he/she did during the Dominion War, and any other important events in your charecter's life subsequent to graduation from NCOCS/WOCS/the Academy)

Aboard the Columbia

Service History:
(this feild is where I'll keep track of when your charecter joined, when he/she was promoted, demoted, or decorated. For simplicity's sake, all dates will be real-time rather than in-game)
Awards: (I'll put the graphics of whatever decorations--both BF sanctioned and possibly, later, a few of my own devising, such as length of service ribbons--your charecter has received in the line of duty here. If you're transferring from another BF ship, have your former CO email me a list of your awards so that I can note them)